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From: Corey Keyes
Wednesday, 11:20 AM
Yes, it's absolutely true. You really can learn how to become bartender and find a great
bartending job in as little as 2 weeks! What's more, you don't need to go to an overpriced
bartending school to do it! You can do it for hundreds of dollars LESS than bartending schools

So, why become a bartender? For starters, you literally can't find a better job than bartending
for a work environment that's always fun and where people want to hang out with you and get to
know you. Can you think of a better dream job than one where you bring in cash every night,
make more money in less time, constantly meet new people, actually enjoy your job, and get paid
to party?

Bartending offers flexible hours, cool perks, and is truly a mobile job--you can take your skills
anywhere in the world at any time!

Bartending is recession-proof--Americans are not going to stop drinking and socializing anytime
soon (and in fact, go out more often in order to escape from the craziness of everyday life).

Bartenders are never downsized, laid off, or outsourced, making it one of the most secure jobs in
the world!

People who want to
make money bartending NOW know they will get their small investment
back immediately with a bartending job that brings in cash every night

Right now, you can download my
full, comprehensive bartending course, certificate of
achievement, speed sheet, job hunters guide and interview strategies guide downloaded
immediately to your computer for only $7!

Amazing savings compared to bartending schools!

Of course, if you need more information before deciding, read on. After reading my success story,
I think you'll
realize just how valuable my Master Bartending Course is!

The opportunity to learn bartending from someone actually IN THE INDUSTRY and who has
been on BOTH SIDES OF THE INTERVIEW TABLE is well worth the money, especially since you will
make your money back in your FIRST NIGHT behind the bar.
That's right!  You'll make your small investment
back your
first night on the job!
I cannot stress to you enough how much I would have given for the opportunity to learn to be a
bartender for only
$7, study and practice from the comfort of your own home, never need to
drive back and forth from class each day (especially with gas prices going through the roof!), and
have a refresher course saved to my computer any time I needed it. Wow!
Download my Master Bartending Course now and receive the following:
My newly updated, comprehensive
bartending course
, featuring 120+ pages
of in-depth lessons, diagrams, pictures and
helpful links, downloaded
My famous speed sheet, 100
Drinks Every Bartender Should
, for fast access when
you're "in the weeds." (I suggest
laminating it at Staples so you can
keep it on the bar--no worries if it
gets wet!)
Personalized Bartender Certificate
of Achievement
Professional Resume Template -
just fill in your own personal
information, attach it to job
applications online or in-person.
Bonus e-book, How to Find a
Bartending Job
Bonus e-book #2, Mastering the
Bartending Interview
Professional Bartending Job
Cover Letter Template
to add
extra exposure to job applications!
Bonus e-book #3, How to Fill
Your Tip Jar
This Is Not a "Get Rich Quick" Scheme.
This is a Legitimate Bartending Course that WILL Teach You
Everything You Need to Know to Get a Bartending Job.
False promises are everywhere. Let's face it - there are really only a few ways to get rich quick.
You can inherit money or you can win the lottery. I'm not holding my breath for either of those. I
also won't insult your intelligence by telling you that bartending will make you instantly rich
beyond all measure.

What I will say is that bartending provided a great income for me and every bartender I ever
worked with. It is a cash-heavy job, and
your life will open up to many new possibilities and
. You will be able to afford new things, pay off debts, buy a bigger house, pay
for college, take an amazing vacation
or finally start investing in your retirement or
children's college tuition!
You will meet a lot of new people and will likely become a local

You'll suddenly be much more popular with the ladies and men. You will also have more freedom
as the result of fewer hours worked;
bartenders make more per hour than many jobs and
therefore can work on other hobbies, education or business opportunities while employed.

In short, I'm going to teach you how to become a friggin' rock star!

More money, more freedom, more opportunities...those are some pretty powerful motivators.
Becoming a bartender will definitely give you chances to do a lot of great things. If I asked you
how much you'd be willing to spend to learn a set of skills that could bring you more money, more
freedom, more happiness and more opportunities in life, what would you say?

Thousands of bartenders go to
bartending school every year, and they pay far too much. What
if I told you that you can have the same education and learn the same skills for
98% LESS than
bartending schools
charge? Let those OTHER students waste their money on going to bartending
school, while YOU pocket the cash, learn BETTER information, and get the bartending interviews!
Only $7!
Only $7!
$1000 for a 40-hour bartending course?
That's CRAZY. . .
Say Goodbye to Overpriced Bartending Schools!
The #1 complaint about bartending schools is the COST and the JOB PLACEMENT SCAMS.
Friends, $1000 is a lot of money. An OH-MY-GOD amount of money. It's money you can't afford
to waste. If this online bartending course existed when I started 15 years ago, I wouldn't have
needed to ask anyone for help. I could have easily paid for the course myself and made my
investment back my first night behind the bar.
I'm giving you an opportunity I never had.

Bartending school cost me $600 fifteen years ago. Today, tuition for bartending schools is
approximately $1000, and that's just plain CRAZY! You do need to learn how to become a
bartender, but you certainly don't need to attend an overpriced bartending school (and I
guarantee you they are NOT HAPPY I'm offering this course to you at this price).

Some people will say that the best way to learn is "on the job," but
it can take YEARS to get
promoted to bartender from server or barback
. Others will say bartending school teaches you the
basics, and that is the best route to become a bartender. I believe that you need to
learn the
basics AND get some hands-on experience
. But while bartending schools claim to give you
hands-on experience and simulate a bar environment, the only thing they really do is teach you
how to make drinks.

Making drinks is barely 10% of the job! Let's focus on what you REALLY need
to know.
Here are just a few things you really need to know to become a successful
bartender (and youwill learn them all in my Master Bartending Course!).
Your best bet is too get educated and learn the skills first, and walk in the door with some

There's no better way to
learn how to be a bartender than to take my course, featuring even
more information and bonuses than bartending schools provide, for
98% LESS than bartending
schools charge!
When Bills Were Piling Up Around Me and I Faced the Possibility
of Having to Drop Out of College, Bartending Gave Me a Great
Income When I REALLY Needed It Most.
I was once where you are, friend. That's not an exaggeration. In 1997, I was a college student
desperately searching for a way to pay tuition and rent
. I was literally on the verge of having to
drop out of college and move home with my parents. What I needed was a job that wasn't 40
hours per week, allowed me to work in the evenings, and paid more than minimum wage. I
needed to make money in the shortest amount of time possible because I had to be able to
study and attend classes.

Scared to death that I wouldn't be able to register classes for the spring semester, I scoured
want ads in newspapers and online trying to find that perfect job. That's when a friend told me
about how much money there is to be made as a bartender. I was excited at the prospect, but
I needed to know
how to become a bartender first.

In one of the want ad sections of my hometown newspaper, I saw an advertisement for a
bartending school. The timing was great, the course offered a ton of information...the only
issue was THE COST. $600. That is a real world example of what is called "being stuck between
a rock and a hard place." I suspect that you may know exactly how that feels.

I didn't have the money to afford books and tuition for next the semester, and this bartending
school wanted $400! But when I REALLY thought about what my friend said about the money
in bartending,
I knew I would make my investment back very quickly.

One of the hardest decisions of my life turned out to be
one of the greatest decisions of my life.

I took the course, found a job working at a country club in the evenings and on weekends,
making great money. From that point on,
my life changed forever.

After bartending for a little more than a year in Pennsylvania, I moved to the Washington,
D.C./Baltimore area and landed a gig at a huge national entertainment chain. Honestly, I made a
decent living while bartending in Pennsylvania, but in a big city,
the money just ROLLED IN!

Until that time, I had no idea it was even possible to make that much money serving drinks and
socializing...it almost seemed unfair, like there was something wrong. I quickly got over that
feeling and REALLY started to enjoy my life and job. I was
finally in control of my own life,
making my own money and my own decisions!
Take Control of Your Life, Make Your Own Money
and Your Own Decisions. . .And Watch the Money Roll In!
To be honest, it didn't feel like work. It's not easy - it's physically demanding and sometimes stressful, but I
getting paid to party! I met so many people, made friends everywhere, got invited to
parties on almost a nightly basis...I was, quite simply, at 23 years old, in HEAVEN.

I shared a townhouse with 2 friends in Fairfax, Virginia, owned my car, and had very little
debt. I earned a great living my first year in our nation's capital. I worked hard for it. But I also
played hard. I traveled. I went out to dinner a lot. I enjoyed a life that many 9 to 5 types
cannot enjoy. I was, and continue to be, blessed by a job that allows me to make a living while
getting to enjoy my life. I simply cannot sum it up any better than that.

Now, I get to pass on to you the incredible and valuable knowledge I've gained over the years.

Every lesson, every bonus, every word of advice I share comes from REAL WORLD

I lived this life, and I'm certain that you can, too! No matter what your goals are (pay for
college, improve your social life, buy a house or car, take a vacation, enjoy peace of mind,
etc.), learning how to become a bartender will open up many doors for you. Do what you want
with the money and glory, it's your life.

I'm giving you the opportunity to make it better today and tomorrow than it was yesterday.
Take advantage of the opportunity in front of you.
Bartending is a recession-proof
. Bartenders don't get laid off, outsourced or downsized. America is not going to
quit drinking anytime soon. I can say with a high degree of certainty that bartenders will
always be able to find work. There will always be thirsty people in need of a good drink and a
friendly face.
Just read what some of my recent students are saying about the
Master Bartending Course!
"This course is fantastic if you want to learn bartending. It gives you all the information
you need and is presented in a fun and easy-to-learn manner. You can learn at your own
pace in the privacy of your home and for a fraction of the cost a bartending school would
be. I highly recommend this website and course."
- Kevin L., Metairie, LA
"I worked in a night club as a waitress for 5 years. I had little to no bartending experience.
(I learned just enough from the bartenders there to make drinks for my own personal
social gatherings.) So when I was asked to bartend two major events, i.e., homecoming
parties for a local university, I was elated and then instantly became nervous as I had no
formal training but need to provide proof through a formal certification. So I searched
online to find an affordable online course where I can learn the course work at my own
pace.  IM SOOO GLAD THAT I FOUND onlineschoolforbartending.com!!!  The course work
is easy to comprehend, very interesting and the owner, Mr. Keys, is extremely helpful.  I
really learned a lot and feel confident for my first big gig next weekend! I would
recommend this course to anyone who is looking to bartend.   Its affordable costs made it
a no-brainer for me!"
-DeAndra S., Florida
So, Who Else Wants to Learn the
Insider Secrets to Become a Bartender
and Leave the 9 - 5 Grind Behind for Good?
I've already helped hundreds of determined bartenders get their start. So, if you haven't made
your mind up yet, please hurry or you'll miss out on this spectacular offer.
Many potential
bartending jobs will be gone
while you wait.

I'm offering you a rare opportunity to get the same information bartending schools use
for only $7.

But really, the price doesn't even matter, because when you have a bartending job that brings in
money day in and day out, you'll make so much more than the silly price I'm charging you today. I
paid a lot more for a lot less information than you are getting today, but bartending allowed me to
make tens of thousands of dollars per year and hundreds of thousands of dollars in my 15-year
bartending career. That is one
fantastic return on investment!

This is a win-win situation.

Don't let it slip through your fingers only to be disappointed to find that this outrageous offer is
long gone.

There is no "catch" or trick here. Just a
good deal for the right person who knows value when
they see it...
My Master Bartending Course and Your Decision
to Change Your Life is All that Stands Between
Struggling to Make Ends Meet. . . And Watching Money Roll In
Day After Day. . .
This is easily more than $100 worth of valuable information
you can access instantly for a one-time payment of just $7!
My Master Bartending Course is in PDF format - easy for
both Mac and PC users!
Beer and Pouring
the Perfect Draught
How to Layer Shots and
Toppings and
Wine and Wine
Cash Handling
Brand Awareness
How to Change a Soda
How to Change a CO2
How to Change a Keg
Bartending Tools
How to
How to Maximize Your
How to Master the
Bartending Interview
How to Provide
Great Guest Service
How to Serve Alcohol
How to Spot a Fake ID
How to Get Regulars
How to Find a Bartending
The easiest way to get a bartender's attention!
I also understand that Corey stands behind his Master Bartending
Course 100%, and offers a money back guarantee if I don't find the
course informative.
Yes, Corey! I'm ready to take action and learn
how to become bartender! I want to finally
enjoy the life I deserve, get paid to party, meet
great people, bring home loads of cash every
For my investment of just $7, I understand
I'm going to get:

Your newly updated, comprehensive
bartending course, featuring 14 in-depth
lessons, diagrams, pictures and helpful
links, that I can download INSTANTLY.

Personalized Bartender Certificate of

Professional Resume Template (all I need
to do is fill in my personal details and submit
to job websites; also provided free with

Professional Bartending Job Cover
Letter Template to add to my job

TFB's famous speed sheet, 100 Drinks Every Bartender Should Know ($9.99
value, yours FREE), that can be laminated for spill-proof security and taken to the
bar with me for fast access when I'm "in the weeds."
Plus, I'm also going to get exclusive access to these fantastic bonuses not found
anywhere else:

Bonus #1 - Perhaps the most crucial element after the course itself, the definitive
Bartender's Job Hunting Guide ($9.99 value, yours FREE) - provides
information on resume building, networking, online job websites for bartenders, etc.
This is worth the cost of the course alone! Do not miss out...

Bonus #2 - Mastering the Bartender Interview ($5.99 value, yours FREE) -
this informative mini-ebook provides expert advice from someone who has been on
BOTH SIDES of THE INTERVIEW TABLE. I've compiled a list of popular interview
questions as well as how to answer them, how to dress, how to act and how to
present yourself to potential employers!

Bonus #3 - Bartending Tips for Earning Massive Tip ($7.99 value, yours
FREE) - Essential guide for earning maximum cash tips from your guests, how to
bring in more guests, and most importantly, how to KEEP your guests coming back
for more!
If You Want to Pay a Bartending School $1000
to Teach You How to Make Pretty Looking
Drinks for 40 Hours, That's Your Business...But
if You're Serious about Making it in the Bar
Industry, I'll Teach You What You
Really Need
to Know to Make
Real Money Behind the Bar!
Discover How You Can Learn to Become a Bartender,
Find the Best Jobs and Fill Your Tip Jar with Cash Every Night
Using My Easy-to-Follow System from the
Comfort of Your Own Home in Under 2 Weeks!
How to Find a Bartending Job with No Experience
How to Increase Your Tips
How to Master the Bartending Job Interview
How to Change a Keg
How to Upsell Your Customers
How to Spot a Fake ID
How to Cut Off an Intoxicated Guest
How to Provide Great Guest Service
How to Get (and Keep) Regulars
... and much more!
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For Only $7!!